Smith, W., “Dictionary of Greek and Roman Geography”

«Pytihium (Πύθιον), a town in Perrhaebia in Thessaly, situated at the foot of Mount Olympus. and forming a Tripolis with the two neighbouring towns of Azorus and Doliche. Pytium derived its name from a temple of Apollo Pythius situated on one of the summits of Olympus, as we learn from an epigram of Xeinagoras, a greek mathematician, who measured the height of Olympus from these parts. Games were also celebrated here in honour of Apollo. Pythium commanded an important pass across Mount Olympus. This pass and that of Tempe are the only two leading from Macedonia into the north-east of Thessaly. Leake therefore places Pythium on the angle of the plain between Kokkinoplo and Livadhi, through no remains of the ancient town have been discovered there».

  • Smith, W., 1854. Dictionary of Greek and Roman Geography. Vol. I. Boston: Little, Brown and Company, p.p. 688-9.


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