Perrhaebia: myth and history

  • cropped-tripolitan_nomisma.gifPerrhaebia and Perrhaebi are located in myth and history, as they refer to ancient written testimonies and new findings from archaeological research are being retrieved. They refer to the Iliad of Homer, the Argonautic Campaign, the Homeric Hymns, the Hunting of the Kalydon Caprus and the Centauri War. Aeschylus encompasses Perrhaebia in the Icetides. Herodotus, Thucydides, Strabo, Polybius and Titus Livius refer to Perrhaebia. It is noted that Perrhaebia, which included 11 cities, contributed to the development of history, probably due to its significant position on the borders of Thessaly with Macedonia. Tripolis, north of Perrhaebia, consisted of the cities of Azorus, Doliche and Pythion, and are mentioned separately from Polybius and Tito Livio. These cities formed an amphictyony. The archaeological service excavates the archaeological sites of these cities and reveals them.

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